Scratch And Dent PowerHub1800 Sale!

We've Never Done Anything Like This Before... You Won't Believe It!

From: Bill Heid
Thomson, Illinois
Tuesday, 2:47 p.m.

Dear Friend,

   Last December we ran a small sale on a few Power Hubs that had some minor scratches or dented boxes. (Nothing wrong with the units at all.) At the prices we let them go for... we sold out in just under three hours. Ever since then, we've had customers calling and emailing asking when we were going to do it again.

 As I said, our phones always light up like a Christmas tree when we make crazy offers to our close friends and customers. Well, if you missed your chance on a Power Hub last December...

No worries – because we have what we think is an even better value for you today!

The New Heirloom Cafe
Here's a picture of the new Heirloom Café. As you can see, it's a work in progress

   Here's Why:

     You see, we're in the process of building a small cafe here in Thomson... "The Heirloom Cafe" and during the construction process had to move some Power Hubs from what is to be the new cafe to our other warehouse on Main Street.

    The bad news (for us at least) is that the fork lift driver "Dan" scuffed a few of the boxes up pretty good. (I think there are seven or eight of them) Needless to say, I was madder than a hornet! I mean, how hard is it to move a pallet from one spot to another!?

   Anyway, we took each and every "scuffed" Power Hub out of the boxes to see if they were OK... and fortunately for us... they were undamaged. We even tested the units just to be sure.

   But with the boxes still "scuffed and scratched"... you know how it is... you just can't sell the unit as new. So we thought we'd make you a crazy summer "melt-the-grid" offer.

   Now, here's the best part… the Power Hub 1800 solar generator generates four times as much power as the Power Source 1800… but you won't pay anywhere near four times the price right now.

    With the steep scratch-and-dent discount, you can practically steal one of these units from us.  

   We're letting them go for an unbelievable $2997 plus shipping! (Remember... they are $3997 normally) and get this: in order to clear the warehouse space up... we're gonna sweeten the deal even more.

The Eliminator is great because it is a lot of power and extremely portable

    When you order one of these "Scratch and Dent Power Hubs, you'll also get a free Eliminator. The Eliminator (a $549 value) is a backup power system that can supply up to 1500 watts of household electricity. This mobile workhorse can also be used outdoors, and operates a wide variety of electronics including communication devices, power tools, full-size appliances and more. Combined in a rugged cart, the Eliminator can be easily wheeled from room-to-room or outdoors over rough terrain.

   Then, we decided to throw in a Power Pack 600 (a $199 value) which is a 600 watt handheld backup unit.

Every family should have a PowerPack600HD... Just in case.
Ideal for power emergencies, XPower Powerpack 600HD comes with a built-in emergency light and jumper cables. Integrated AM/FM radio and digital alarm clock provides access to music, talk radio and news. Whether it’s a job site or a camp site, the XPower Powerpack 600HD is the ideal portable backup power solution.   

And lastly, while supplies last... I'm throwing in one of our Summer Survival Gelmats also worth $149.00 for good measure.

If the air conditioner goes out,
this is the next best thing
If you remember, the Japanese bought millions of these mats when the grid went down from Fukashima. It's "instant air conditioning" if ever the power goes out in your area. The Summer Survival Mat supports your body’s own natural cooling mechanism. The secret is in the patent-pending gel inside the mat. The non-toxic, water-based gel actually absorbs your body heat.

   To snag one of our "scuffed box" Power Hub 1800 units (and this time it's just the box, not the unit itself), plus the free Eliminator, Power Pack and Cool Mat, here's what you need to do.

   Call our office TODAY only between 9am and 3pm Central Standard time to talk to a customer service rep. The number to call is 877-327-0365, be sure to ask for Dept. SAVAGE101 so the rep knows you want one of Dan's "Scuffed Box" Power Hubs.

Here's the knucklehead that made this Scratch & Dent Sale possible...
Don't worry we still love him.


     Bill Heid

     P.S. One last thing.  With temperatures soaring into the triple digits in many areas of the country, power outages are already taking out the grid in many parts of the country. And with electric rates rising faster than any time in history, it's a great time to have some back-up power just in case. The number to call again is 877-327-0365 Dept SAVAGE101.

P.S.S. Our Heirloom Cafe is now open. (Our Grand Opening was June 29.) We'd really love to have you stop by to look at a Power Hub 1800 and have a cup of coffee with us. If you'd like more information on the Heirloom Cafe, you can go to

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